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Job Detail

Job Title:       Analyst

Job Location: Atlanta, GA

Job Duties:     Analyst (Atlanta, GA) needed to develop and validate response and predictive models engaged in the marketing campaigns. Extract, transform and load (ETL) data using SQL and consolidate data into internal databases. Manage risk and marketing analytics projects by building various models (including response & risk models using all kinds of programming languages such as SAS & Python & R).

Requirements: Master of Science in Actuarial Science, Statistics, or other closely related fields; 6-month experience in data analysis; proficiency in using SAS, R, SPSS and Excel VBA; knowledge of statistical modeling, descriptive/inferential statistics, and data mining.

To apply: Send resume to Lending Science DM, Inc. 5871 Glenridge Dr., Ste. 100, Atlanta, GA 30328. Must refer to Job# HP2018.