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CONNECT: Transforming Digital Identity Fragments into Marketing Success

iConnect Helps Lenders Marketing Success
CONNECTTM transforms previously unusable digital breadcrumbs into actionable marketing intelligence. As the internet and technology have evolved, marketers see consumers more frequently on-line from different locations with various devices e.g. IoT (Internet of Things). Unfortunately, this variety makes it difficult to confidently re-connect with consumers as they are leaving only fragments or breadcrumbs of identity. Furthermore, many organizations have these tidbits of consumer identity saved but they are un-linkable across technology platforms and/or organizational silos. Results for re-marketing these consumers, when they are reachable, demonstrate that conversion is exponentially greater than other marketing strategies.
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Lending Science DM breaks through the barriers with CONNECTTM. We use multiple linkages for each offline and digital identity component (postal, email, device IDs, MAIDs, social media handles, IP addresses, and more) and pair that information deterministically with unique adults on our National Consumer Database. Equipped with CONNECTTM profiles, we can link the fragments of existent consumer information and discover a consumers omni-channel identity for efficient and effective re-marketing.
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