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Lending and Turnkey Marketing

Lending and turnkey marketing
Most lenders have an internal or underwriting team that already performs the marketing activities for the business. It’s hard for a lot of lenders to let loose their grip around marketing components of the company, but it is something that must be done in order to achieve greater performance and faster results. Many lenders are focusing too much on their ability to convert and service their customers’ debt, so they don’t dedicate the required time to the marketing side of the business. This is key in the path to success in lending, however, the key is waiting to be turned one step further.
Here’s where turnkey marketing for lending comes into play. A turnkey solution has the ability to generate a rapid release of campaigns, potentially even on a weekly basis. This allows for segmentation across a wide variety of demographics and credit profiles. Extracting the data from the campaigns, learning from them, and finally optimizing and re-launching the campaign is virtually impossible to do without a dedicated team, and by dedicated we mean fully into one specific channel.
The Turnkey Solution allows a third-party to come in and support the existing infrastructure of a lender. This is crucial when the Lender wants to accelerate the amount of capital on the street and make sure the capital that is on the street has a lower default issue. Many lenders are just guessing and testing, although this certainly does not account for all of them; Many have great underwriting teams with years of experience. The issue they face is being able to create multiple campaigns, very quickly. Instead of doing one very big campaign, a team such as Lending Science DM’s can cut it up into pieces and see what response rates work in their specific markets. The turnkey solution looks to optimize performance and accelerate growth as quickly as possible. You are only as good as how much you are able to effectively manage on the street. All of this is done with a team that is dedicated to the marketing and underwriting of your company allowing to quickly analyze and optimize campaigns to grow your business.
In other words, turnkey means all-in-one marketing ready to deploy (Data, Multi-Channel Marketing, Analytics, Optimization). This combination brought into one single package gives lenders the ultimate tool to bring their operations to the next level and be able to get money on the street faster.