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OPTISCREEN: Precision Marketing Powered With Alternate Risk Intelligence

Optiscreen powers marketing with risk
OPTISCREEN filters non-converters and boosts marketing ROI and portfolio profitability for lenders. Even the most advanced direct marketers are continuously looking for ways to reduce costs and filter out responders that do not convert or perform once converted. For lenders, one of the biggest contributors to reduced conversion rates is not consumer interest or even responsiveness – but – matching the right lending product to the right credit profile. Prime & Near Prime Lenders want to filter out higher risk credit profiles and Sub Prime Lenders want to target higher risk credit profiles, but don’t want to “over lend”.
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Lending Science DM‘s OPTISCREEN uses alternative risk intelligence to identify and remove consumers from marketing campaigns who will not or should not pass a lender underwriting policy. We do this by linking identity across multiple alternative credit bureau sources bringing together a “holistic consumer lending profile.” We then scrub a target audience against this list to fine tune selections.
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