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Lending Science DM’s Scoring Solutions

Lending Science DM is a leading developer and provider of scoring solutions, acquisition, customer management, collections/recovery, marketing scorecards, hosted scoring services and risk management services such as model validation. Lending Science DM uses innovative analyses and advanced statistical techniques to deliver solutions that are unique to each client.

Lending Science DM has vast expertise related to the development of statistical models for the financial services industry. We are not biased toward any particular data source. Our goal is to identify the most predictive data elements for each customer and portfolio and deliver models that allow our customers to optimize their strategies and drive a more profitable business.

We service clients both in the US and abroad and have helped over 400 companies across the world to achieve their business goals. Contact us today at 800-769-3050 to learn more.

Our Products & Services Include:


Score360® is a scoring and attribute engine for rapid implementation and deployment of scorecards, strategies, and credit bureau attributes. Score360 is available for real-time or off-line decisions. Several features are available depending on your business requirements:

  • Library of over 1,100 comprehensive and state-of- the-art tri-bureau credit attributes developed by Scoring Solutions which our customers have found out-performs other libraries in the marketplace for inclusion in models
  • All the system functionality needed to quickly and accurately implement the custom scorecards that we develop for you
  • Ready-to- use interfaces to consumer and commercial credit bureaus
  • Fast implementation of custom interfaces to internal databases and other data sources
  • Maintenance of a historical database for reporting and scorecard validation including a performance feedback loop
  • Standard and custom scorecard monitoring and validation reports
  • Programming of scorecards and score-cutoffs and delivery of decisions and strategies
  • Workflow tools to ensure that the scoring process works as designed
  • Fully tested interfaces, credit bureau attributes and scorecard calculations
  • Model development attribute calculator (standardized for tri-bureau use)
  • Updates to models, as needed
  • Suite of ready-to- use Expert Models for various industries and product lines
  • Secure data transfer protocols
  • Quick decision turnaround time

For off-line processing such as the scoring of existing accounts to prioritize collections and recovery strategies, Scoring Solutions hosts the solution and returns results within 24 hours of receipt of the file from customers. For real-time processing, the module can be licensed and placed behind your firewall or hosted with one of our partners.

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Credit Bureau Attribute Processing

Get the value that our proprietary credit attributes provide when you pre-screen prospects or develop models internally. We can receive large depersonalized files from the credit bureaus or your loan origination system and process these to create our proprietary attributes for your use. Leverage the power of our attributes in your models and optimize your selection of creditworthy prospects.

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Applicant Scorecards

Models that accurately predict the risk of customers applying for credit. Make decisions quickly, consistently and accurately while decreasing risk and improving management control.

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Bankruptcy Scorecards

Models that identify prospects who are more likely to declare bankruptcy.

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Behavior/Collection Scorecards

Models used to manage existing accounts. Target low risk accounts for limit increases, authorization approval and cross-selling opportunities while identifying higher risk accounts for pre-delinquent or accelerated collection actions.

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Small Business Scorecards

Models that assess the risk of small businesses based upon various sources of data. These are vital for account acquisition and account management decisions.

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Custom Segmentation Analytics

Statistically derived profiling systems that identify segments of your customers that differ in terms of risk, revenue, utilization, response and profitability. Used to direct targeting efforts towards profitable segments.

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Expert Scorecards

A suite of scorecards for lending institutions to assess risk of small or newly launched credit portfolios based upon our extensive expertise to distinguish between creditworthy from non-creditworthy applicants. The scorecards include: General Risk, Unsecured Revolving, Installment, Automotive and Non-Prime.

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Marketing (Risk/Response/Revenue) Scorecards

Models that enable you to target creditworthy, responsive, revenue-generating prospects.

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Profitability Scorecards

Custom models that evaluate the revenue or profit potential of a prospect.

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Recovery Scorecards

Models used to predict the recovery likelihood and expected recovery amount of charged-off accounts.

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TransUnion Energy, Telecommunications and Wireless Models

Risk models specific to these industries developed by Scoring Solutions in conjunction with TransUnion that go well beyond a traditional bureau risk score to provide powerful decisioning capabilities when acquiring new customers or managing existing accounts. Proven more effective at predicting risk than traditional bureau risk scores.

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Business Consulting:

Performing Sensitivity Analysis

Testing new strategies and understanding the ramifications of a decision are critical in mitigating risk.

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Automating Manual Decision Processes

Manual decision processes are slow, expensive, and subject to the personal influences of the individual making the decisions. Many processes can be automated eliminating unnecessary time, expense, and influence.

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These results tell you how well your scorecard is working and whether it is time for a tune-up.

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Basel Analysis

Validations and reviews of Probability of Default models to meet Basel requirements. Our recommendations provide your road map to continued success.

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Portfolio Monitoring

Derive the maximum value from your portfolio by thoroughly understanding the business results that are being generated and making changes to improve processes.

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Pricing Strategies

Effective pricing strategies can improve profitability by differentiating you company from the competition with pricing for the level of risk.

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Decision Strategies

Effective decision strategies are critical to maximizing the success of application processing, customer management, collection and recovery systems. Analysis of the results of your decision strategies is essential to designing future improvements.

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Scoring Workshops

Consultants train management as well as new or inexperienced staff in the appropriate usage of scoring systems.

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