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Why Lenders Should Implement Color In Their Direct Mail Letters

Why Lenders Should Implement Color In Their Direct Mail Letters
Lenders typically have the misconception that color letters cost more, but with today’s technology, using color in your direct mail will not cost you more than doing a black and white letter. Color can make your letter less harsh, and direct the reader through your letter. Color will make your letter stand out, make your prospects happier, and make you and your offer more believable. Adding color can have a great impact on your direct marketing by increasing the chances that your prospects will respond to your offer; thus increasing your ROI all while keeping your cost-per-acquisition the same. Changes like this prove that you don’t need to increase the cost of your direct mail marketing when you can make simple tweaks in order to yield a better result. Now, do not confuse adding color with making your mail piece a loaded advertisement. There is a fine line between what works and what does not.
To sell anything you need to be exciting, and color is one way to add creativity and excitement to your offer. No one will continue reading something if there is nothing interesting and visually appealing to break up the heaviness of the letter, and although black and white letters are great for readability it can be overwhelming when reading a lot of it. Now, it all depends on what the purpose of the offer and mail piece is. Sometimes going full black and white is the best approach. Creativity is necessary for any type of marketing but like all creative aspects color should be added in small increments, otherwise, your letter can look overwhelming and overstimulate your reader which will take away from the actual content of the direct mail marketing letter. Writing a letter that is creative yet clean, clear, and relevant can be a challenge. If your mail piece is too creative, you may distract the reader from the offer of the letter, but if your letter is not creative enough you can bore the reader and cause them to never even get to the offer. Creativity doesn’t only apply visually, but also as far as content. You may not be using color at all, but if your content is creative enough per your audience, you may experience great results.
Color also has a psychological effect on prospects. Some colors with psychological effects are red being associated with excitement, blue is associated with trust and tranquility, yellow is associated with warmth and happiness, and green is known as a peaceful color. These colors and the emotions associated with them can be used to your advantage when sending out direct mail campaigns. Remember you want to sway your prospects by using their emotions! A logical argument is great, but humans are ruled by their emotions, which means that no logical argument will sway your clients from their feelings. Making an emotional connection requires being relatable by showing that you too have emotions. For example, if you are trying to show something in your mail piece as urgent, you can use red, whereas you may want to make your offer blue to try and simulate trust. Using color can be a great way to add emotion into a problem, solution, offer scenario; thus, making your prospects more likely to respond.
Choose a color pallet and personalize the color pallet based on the campaign. As a lender you are trying to make a memorable impact along with a convincing argument so that the prospects you are mailing to are attracted and want to read your offers. Combining a logical argument and adding emotion by creating creative and personalized direct mail letters is the optimal way to create direct mail marketing letters. If you are a lender struggling with creating a creative, clear and relevant copy call Lending Science DM at 800-769-3050 or chat with us below to find out how we can help you make improvements.